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35 Ferry Lots Lane Salisbury, MA 01952

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Welcome to the Essex County Sportsmen's Association

To promote, protect and perpetuate public hunting, fishing and trapping in this Commonwealth; all other activities concerning land and water and other such matters as may from time to time be of concern to the members of the ECSA. To promote cordial relation between sportsmen and landowners; and to promote good sportsmanship in the enjoyment of these activities.

To advise state, federal and local legislative assemblies and state and federal agencies dealing with the subjects of our concern as to the desires of organized sportsmen relative to: fish and game laws and wildlife management, including propagation, distribution, regulations, license fees, law enforcement, conservation of natural resources, the elimination of pollution, multiple use and public access to lands and water, the right to own properly use firearms, dogs, boats, trap and other equipment relating to sportsmen’s activities.

To cooperate with other organizations with similar purposes and aims; to maintain a co-operative liaison with state, federal, and local agencies dealing with the subjects of our concern. To foster cooperation with landowners. To support professional management of our fisheries, wildlife and other natural resources and to oppose legislative control of fish and game.

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Essex County Ice Fishing Tournament 2014 (at the Artichoke):

Essex County Ice Fishing Tournament 2014

Thanks to everyone who helped make the day a great success!!

The weather was great, sun was out & warm. About noon it started to sprinkle then steady but everyone hung in till 2 pm for the awards & the raffle.

The 1st place Bass was 5.05 lbs

The 1st place Pickerel was 3.57 lbs

We had 126 sign up for Tournament

See you all next year! You can view photos from the day here

National Hunting and Fishing Day 2013:

National Hunting and Fishing Day 2013
Thanks to everyone who helped make the day a great success!!

You can view photos from the day here



GOAL Rally: Message Sent!: GOAL website

Gun Owners Action League Rally: Tremendous Turnout!

IMG_0913.JPGWell over 1,500 residents of the Commonwealth turned out on a clear but cold day in downtown Boston exercising their First Amendment Right of Free Speech in defense of their Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Several media outlets and helicopters looked on as patriots peaceably formed on the Boston Common and continued with a march to the State House. Folks from Pittsfield to Provincetown made the trek along with homemade signs and banners and a spirit that even the most zealous of anti freedom politicians could not break.

Among the many speakers were GOAL’s own Jim Wallace, Jay Beard, Robert Pepi, and Steve Moysey as well as special guests Yang LI, the Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb and Illinois State Rifle Association’s Rich Pearson. Moysey proudly claimed “I went from British subject to American Citizen!” as Li likened many of the proposals to the actions taken by the Chinese government prior to the Tiananmen Square protests. The call for action echoed to 2nd Amendment supporters throughout New England yesterday as Connecticut enacted severe consequences for citizens simply exercising their rights, with felony charges possible for those who do not register lawfully owned standard capacity magazines.

While the event was a tremendous success, it also underscores the incredible amount of work gun owners in Massachusetts have in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Representative David Linsky (D-Natick) and Governor Deval Patrick have made clear their resolve to criminalize an entire class of law abiding citizens just like Connecticut and will not stop until the 2nd Amendment is rendered dead in the Commonwealth. Bills limiting magazine capacity to an arbitrary 7 rounds will effectively ban an entire class of handguns and a forced insurance mandate proposal will rob both low income families of their right to self defense and anyone whom an insurance company denies coverage. With a tremendous amount of support in both halls of the legislature and certainly in the Governor’s office it is imperative to KEEP THE PRESSURE on your State Senator and Representative. Keep up the momentum!

GOAL would like to thank everyone in attendance at Yesterday’s rally for their presence and support; we cannot defeat the anti-freedom legislation and politicians without your dedication and participation! Please encourage your friends and family to join GOAL. We are a 100% member funded organization and your voice for 2nd Amendment freedom in Massachusetts.

View more photos from the day here

For more information about the rally visit GOAL Boston Rally website.

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